Healthcare Financing

Medical Equipment Leasing Brings New Technology and New Trends to More Doctors

The cost of purchasing new equipment for a clinic or medical office can be expensive. If the technology has just been released, the cost can be beyond many budgets. This limits the treatment options physicians can provide to their patients. However, the trend today is for more treatments and testing to be done on-site rather than sending the patient to another location. While this can be costly for the facility, it results in better patient care. Medical equipment leasing allows more practitioners to afford the latest technology to provide high-quality care to their patients.

Cutting Edge Research

Researchers are constantly discovering new technologies to advance the identification or treatment of many diseases. For instance, researchers from the University of Toronto have discovered a way to identify pathogens that cause diseases and detect which ones are resistant to certain drugs. Using medical equipment leasing to add this type of technology on-site would enable physicians to provide a more accurate treatment to decrease the timeline of the illness.

Robotics is another area that has improved patient care immensely. Because it is less invasive than traditional surgery, the patient has a shorter healing time and less likelihood of infection or other complications. However, not every small medical practice can afford to pay upfront for the equipment. The da Vinci System is used in more than 800 hospitals today but the high cost prevents small facilities from obtaining the equipment. A new system costs just under $2 million. Medical equipment leasing is often the only way facilities can consider providing this technology.

More Effective Patient Treatment

The trend for clinics today is to do as much testing and treatment on-site as possible. This saves the patient time and money and ensures that they get the best care in the shortest amount of time. However, the trade-off is that the medical facility must have the equipment necessary to provide this level of care. For a small clinic or new start-up, it can be difficult to come up with the capital needed to purchase everything outright. It is especially hard to justify purchasing devices that will not be used on an everyday basis. However, medical equipment leasing can make obtaining the latest equipment more affordable.

Faster Testing Results

As more clinics and medical facilities add laboratories to their structure, it becomes easier to find diagnoses in a shorter amount of time. However, new equipment must be purchased to start up the lab and keep it updated with the latest tests. Medical equipment leasing can bring the testing closer to home to allow the doctor to make a better diagnosis and begin treatment earlier. This increases patient satisfaction with a higher success rate and fewer complications from a prolonged illness or condition.

Patients and doctors alike benefit from providing more treatments and testing on-site. However, the cost can be quite high for businesses looking to purchase new equipment. A more affordable alternative is medical equipment leasing.